The Solano Human Project

Can you save humanity from AI
while strolling on Solano?

One day, you receive a mysterious message on your phone:

We are texting you through a Time Portal from an Alternate Future Universe, where the AI has taken over. (Spoiler alert: it sucks!) It is too late for us, but we hope we can help your timeline.

The Solano Human Project is a game that you play in the real world. It takes place on Solano Avenue, in Albany, California.

It's like an Escape Room, except outdoors. You'll find puzzles and props hidden everywhere: murals, shops, signs, and sidewalks.

You'll discover how AI might take over our world--and what you can do to stop it.*

The Solano Human Project can be played Thursday through Friday (11:30am to 5:00pm), and Saturday (11:00am to 3:00pm). It takes about two to three hours to complete. Ideal team size is 2 to 6 people. You'll need $10 (per team) to purchase game items at different businesses along the way.

Actual quotes from humans who have played:

...transforming a few blocks stretch of Solano Avenue in Albany, CA into a grand adventure...delightful, exciting, and impressive interactions...magically unsustainable experience that’s unlikely to exist for very long...highly recommend giving it a visit before that magic dissipates into the ether. --Matthew Stein, Room Escape Artist

"...deeply inspiring and magical. As we progressed through the game, everything felt increasingly enchanting. I left feeling like everyday surroundings were suddenly full of possibilities." --Danielle Baskin

"One of the best of the genre...surprisingly high and funny observational puzzles..." --Dan Egnor

"...things accomplished in this game were things I’ve never experienced and doubt I’ll ever experience again..." --John Paul Sanchez, Morty Review

"...simply joyful and something I didn't want to end...also somehow more personalized than real escape rooms that we pay $100+ for which is just crazy to me. If you are anywhere in driving distance, or planning a trip to the Bay Area, book it..."--Wil Blount, Morty Review

"...gave me that "ah-hah Alice in wonderland" buzz...truly magical and made me feel like a kid again." --Joshua Fronk

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*Not really. We're all doomed. But at least you'll get a little fresh air and exercise before it happens and that can't hurt, can it?

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